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"It's good to know that the good guys are on your side, when you side with The Law Firm all you need to know is that you are on the good guys team."

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One man's vision...

Throughout the years Jim has been writing quotes and ideas. Over time these have been collected and compiled onto this page.

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Over my life I have made quotes from thoughts and experiences.
The key to a good quote is that it has wisdom beyond its words. Enjoy.

The might of a pen...

We have a highly qualified staff that has been through many interviews to make sure that will be able to uphold the standards that we believe in here at the Law Firm. 

While there are too many to list here do know that everyone that you get in contact with from the Law Firm is not only highly educated, has a great personality and knows the in's and out's of the laws, they are also great people that care about you and are here to help you out with your current situation.

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As I grew up I was very naive socially (aka geek/nerd) and having had no older siblings to help, I had to learn how to interact with others from trial and error. After getting my share of emotional scars, not only did I learn how to coexist, but I developed my physical and social skills to the point that I even became athletic and popular. These guidelines come from those years and the many years since of studying human societal interaction with all its joy and pain.


 Guidelines to Life 


► Always interpret what others say about you in the best light. If it was good, then you will appear wise. If it was bad, then they will appear foolish.

► When in doubt as to whether something said about you is meant to be good or bad, always assume that it is good until proven otherwise.

► Never talk about anyone behind their back, for the person whom you are talking to will wonder what you may say about them behind their back.

 Don't say anything bad about anyone or anything that someone does unless it is constructive.

► Nobody makes friends by being negative.

► If someone belittles you don't give him or her the satisfaction of responding, rather let everyone find out what that person is really like. Let it go in one ear and out the other, for that is all the attention it deserves.

► When someone is saying something that you don't agree with, give your viewpoint sparingly, if they are interested they will then ask you for more of your views.

 There are only a handful of people who can discuss their viewpoints without getting overly emotional. With those who can argue constructively, take advantage of this rare opportunity to expand your mind. With those who get emotional talk about the weather.… 

 To hurt someone physically is nothing compared to hurting his or her feelings. The body mends quickly; the mind can take forever to heal.

► Nobody will open up to a wall while a listener is always welcome.

► Mistakes are a teacher whose painful lessons are not easily forgotten, learn and remember so as to grow and not repeat them. 

► Real friendships will last forever, but they need reminding.

► A true friend will never ask you to do something wrong.

 The best drugs are learning and discovery, but they require patience and persistence.

► Parents and children love each other, they just expect it to be known and don't bother to say it. But "I love you," can never be heard too often.

 Raising children: guide and discipline in youth and slowly let them grow and learn responsibility, always loving.

► You shape the future today.

► What you do today picks a branch of near infinite possibilities from which another set of near infinite tributaries will arise. May each decision and action be worthy of its place in history because it will affect the world of tomorrow, the world of your children’s children.


 Good & Evil  

► God exists; He can be found in nature, theology, inside oneself, and through science. The questions posed and His manifestations may vary, but the answer is always the same.

 To witness life or death is to know there is a God.

► If we lose our faith, we lose our reason to exist.

► All morality is based upon God.
(Even if one claims a secular morality, pursuing its basis will ultimately lead to God or the infantile and inadequate “Just because.” Now you tell me which is the better explanation?)

 A good man’s heart is troubled by evil; an evil man’s heart is troubled by a good man.

 A good man is never alone.

(This could be taken several ways:
1. A good person will attract others to themselves.
2. A good person will always have honor and integrity.
3. God is always there.
4. All of the above.
Answer: I vote for #4.)

► All evil is rooted in selfishness.

► Evil flourishes among silence.

► To be silent is to condone.

► Great evil will be cleverly hidden in the guise of charisma and partial truths.

► Evil will not come with horns and cloven hoofs, but rather with charisma, a cunning smile, and words of silver telling you what you want to hear rather than what you need to hear.


► The key to success in love is to be sensitive, caring, and sincere, for they are rare qualities.

► There are many types of love: love for parents, brothers, sisters, friends, spouse, and children; though different each can receive the most love that is possible to be given for that relationship and in that sense none is greater than another.

► Infatuation is only a false glimpse of love. Infatuation happens suddenly, is filled with excessive longing and insecurity, and the sexual aspects dominate the relationship. Love though is gradual, starting with friendship it leads to trust and companionship, allowing you both to grow and develop for a lifetime together. A person in love knows the difference between love and infatuation while a person who is infatuated can not distinguish the two. 

► Even if the heart can not tell love from infatuation, the mind can.

► Love is a flower growing in the breeze, infatuation is a rock falling off a cliff.

► You must take chances to live life to its full potential.

► To have loved and lost is better than to have never loved for you have experienced a greater depth of emotions and will have learned much to help you when love comes around again.

► I have never been able to pick a girl up in a bar and only recently understood why. Those girls are not the type who would be attracted to me nor I to them in a real relationship. (Obviously, I did not meet my wife in a bar.)

► There is much more to choosing "that someone who you wish to spend you life with" other than love. Among these is the ability to communicate, to socialize, and to be a good parent. Such qualities can be found in many packages but good looks and personality are desirable extras.

► Even though I thought I was in love many times, I married only once.

► With each relationship you should always walk away with a better idea about the type of person that you would like to spend your life with. Each relationship should be closer to the "perfect one" than the last. 

 Human Nature & Mankind  

► The might of a pen lies not in the wisdom of its words, but in the honor and sincerity of the one who wields it.

► Common sense is unfortunately not common.

► The uniqueness of man lies in not only the one being willing to sacrifice for the many but the many being willing to sacrifice for the one.

► The trials of life grow a strong and beautiful soul with much depth and understanding. An easy life of money without inner conflict or struggle leads to only a shadow of what could have been.

► The greatness of man is that together we are much more than our sum.

► The dichotomy of man:
A stranger on the street, an enemy on the field, or a rival in life, all fade to insignificance when he is a fellow human being in dire need.

► Any man of honor would risk his life to help another in need without regard to race, politics, or creed.

► The willingness of a stranger to lay down his life for another is key to man’s uniqueness.

► Nothing unites man like a common enemy.

► Humanity, where the common man is capable of the uncommon deed.

► Even though one man may kill another for money, most will save the life of another for free.

► A hero can be found in the hard working and loving family man who has lived his life as a prayer, as well as in the extraordinary occasion of selflessness.

► While the greatness of a man can not be imparted to an award, neither can an award impart greatness to a man.

► Mankind not only meets a challenge but advances because of it.

► Mankind is at his best when challenged the most.

► Common sense is unfortunately not common.

► Money is not the end all, but rather it is a means to an end…may it be for good and honorable causes.

► Judge a man’s character not by his falls but how he gets up again.

► With each passing year, I wake to more creaks in my bones and aches in my back…but at least I still here to feel them.

► Each of us can be a hero, if the need should arise. (Written 9/11/01.)

► Mankind is inhibited by the petty who serve only themselves.

► I would rather be a blind man stepping forward cautiously, rather than a fool stepping forward blindly.

► The greatest ignorance is that of arrogance.

► Arrogance is nothing but ignorance with a bad attitude.

► I long for the day when a handshake will mean more than a contract.

► The deeper one has fallen into the valley, the greater will be their appreciation of the mountaintop.

► All that stands between a person and their dreams, is the journey.

► Opportunity will not be searching you out, but rather it is you that should be searching for it.

► The gift of kindness is long savored.

► The gift that always seems to be returned is the gift of kindness.

► Only men of honor can truly be heroes.
(Without honor, one has no underlying basis to do selfless deeds with no expectation of reward, gratitude, or even acknowledgement.)

► Give a man everything and he will want nothing.
(Man needs to be challenged. It is though struggle that great things come to be. If a man has everything, then the struggle is gone and the fire to achieve is vanquished.)

► A sociopath can never be punished or rehabilitated. 
(To them they have never done anything wrong except get caught.)

►     A life in jeopardy
       Stranger turns hero
       No regard to race, color, or creed,
       All that matters is another in need.

► Challenge a man and he will succeed, challenge mankind and it will flourish.

 Theory & Invention  

► The answer is always easy once discovered.
(All too often after someone has made a brilliant discovery, the petty will say that it was obvious of belittle the accomplishment. But if it was so obvious, why didn’t they see it?)

► Revolutionary discovery these days requires 5% inspiration, 5% perspiration, and 90% exacerbation in trying to get mainstream science to accept it.

► Inventor: one who gives science purpose.

► Theory uses knowledge to expose Truth.

► The greatest theories are often the simplest, as they are usually closer to the Truth.
(Though Sir William of Ockham, never actually stated Ockham’s Razor, his writings intimated such. Ockham’s Razor states, “All things being equal, the simplest theory is most likely the correct one.” My reasoning is similar to his, but I ultimately rely on my belief that the universe is amazing in its perfection and simplicity, and thus the closer to the Truth that we get, the simpler and more beautiful the theory will be.) 

► Theory today concentrates too much on the DNA of the microbe that rests on the moss attached to the tree, … and not on the forest.

► Only by stepping back and taking a look at the broader picture, can a revolution in scientific theory occur.

► If a scientist fears to pursue other than that which is accepted by academia, then scientific inquiry will cease to exist.

► Neither should religion become a science nor science become a religion.

► Whenever a theory has exceptions, it is wrong.

► All I can hope for is to think an idea not yet thought and to share it with the future.

► The ultimate computer will only have no keyboard or switches. (It will learn through "senses" once started.)

► A true AI program is but a seed ready to grow.

► Data that does not fit the theory, may be a clue rather than an error.

► Though complexity and diligence may lead to an answer, so may intelligent insight.

► Complexity is inversely proportional to the Truth.

► Discovering a Great Truth will serve no one unless it is told to others and they are able to hear.

► The path a Great Truth must travel is hard and tortuous requiring a hearty soul to bring it forth. 

► Discovery is but the understanding of what has already been revealed.

► Discovering a Great Truth requires not only insight but persistence in prying open the minds of academia. 

► A discovery not told or heard is lost to the winds of time. 

► To discover is simple, to get others to hear is the challenge.

► The complexity of a theory is inversely proportional to its validity.

► A generalization requires but a simple majority while a fact requires near certainty.

► If we were not allowed to generalize we would have been extinct long ago. 
(i.e., a tree burns --> wood burns, etc.)

► A cause that does not have an effect the majority of the time is not a cause but rather a factor.

► Though facts do not exist, they are necessary concepts for thought to begin.

► Facts are the postulates of science.

► Validation does not measure the truth of a theory but rather its accuracy in describing natural law.

► We have unconsciously are making computers in our image. (CPU:brain, access separate data CD/disks:books, keyboard/scanner:senses, screen/printer:speech/writing)

► The key to potential is knowledge.

► Like the illiterate serfs of medieval times, the public today will also be kept ignorant of cutting edge science until they rise up to embrace and will continue to do so until they can see the applicable value.

► No man can be called a scientist, if he does not keep his mind open.

► Purposeful ignorance can lead to discovery because it walks unencumbered.

► Intelligent insight is often gleaned by going backwards to take another path forward.

► The optimal balance between knowledge and insight is a delicate one as some knowledge is necessary for credible insight, yet insight is hindered by the clutter of knowledge. 

► The amount of data a mind needs to manage is inversely proportional to its ability to utilize it.

► AI will no longer be artificial when the only switch is the one marked "on."

► I'm not absent minded, I'm just preoccupied with Great Thoughts.

► Everyday thoughts clutter the mind, hiding the great ones. So I strive to keep the mundane out.

► The mind is like a painting, which can capture the vastness of a mountain scene or the intricate detail of a human hand, but alas it can not do both on the same canvas.

► The associations of great discoveries are the linking of disparate ideas. In order to make such insights, one must step back to take in a larger picture even though it may be of less focus. All to often in today's society, we are awash in the detail and can only rarely raise our heads above the sea of minutia to glimpse a more complete perspective.

► Every time we alter the natural state, we are making a wish on the monkey's paw. 
(For every alteration we make in the natural state, we open up countless implications of unthought-of effects, the majority of which will be negative.)

► Great insights are fleeting wisps that to be quickly captured. 
(I have lost more Great Thoughts than saved due to distraction or lack of a handy pen and paper.)

► Though a Great Thought arrives quickly, developing it takes somewhat longer, and the getting others to understand it, takes virtually forever.

► The mind is like an eye, it can behold a vast expanse or capture minute detail but neither well at the same time.

 Politics & Money 

► Socialism is stealing while capitalism is striving.

► With Capitalism money is like the water of a lake, the more that is made by anyone, the higher everyone's boat will float.

► Without incentive, government will fail.

► Taxation, bureaucracy, and class envy remove incentive.

► Don’t be envious of the successful for they are proof that you can do it too.

► Those who work hard to become rich should be honored, while those who do nothing but be born rich should be pitied.

► The racism of the 21st century comes not from those who are colorblind but from those who refuse to be colorblind.

► The liberals who keep minorities in poverty and crime by continually trying to "help them" while blaming others are the true racists.
(The goal of liberalism is to keep the poor and minorities dependent on government and therefore dependent on liberalism. The goal of conservatism is to help the poor and minorities to better themselves and therefore not dependent on government. When one is dependent on the government, liberalism is their drug of addiction. When one is free of government dependency they then have the freedom to choose conservatism. Conservatism yields freedom while liberalism perpetuates a prison of dependency.)

► In order to be a sophist, one must also be a sociopath. 
(Only those without conscience could knowingly spread false knowledge and arguments...oops, I guess they could also be liberals).

► Capitalism will bring greater advance to science than academia could have ever done.

► Conservatives help the poor by teaching them how to grow and succeed while liberals "know" the best way to forever take care of them.

► He who says, “Business is business” have no morals.

 & More ... 

► We should all become activists for truth.

► I do not suffer ignorance well, and arrogance even less.

► Be fearful of those who profess to know all.

► Ignorance is often guised as being an expert.

► True intelligence is not knowing all of the answers but rather knowing the right questions and how to find the answers.

► Envy and jealousy are signs of one's own inadequacies.

► Communication requires that someone be listening.

► May you be proud of your yesterdays and happy with your tomorrows. 

► The greater the need, the more should be given.

► To dwell on the pains of the past will do nothing but keep you from going forward.

► To treat a disease and not the soul will never lead to cure.

► It is only when we lose something, do we realize its importance.

► Taking someone for granted, is often discovered too late.

► Directors paint with actors.

► I may not be perfect, but I strive to be.

► If you think a cold is contagious, try kindness.

► The only thing holding you back is the fear of failure.

► The wise learn from their mistakes, the foolish repeat them.

► A lesson learned is a mistake avoided.

► A gift not opened is a gift rejected. 
(God has given us gifts of life and talents; not to use them is to reject his love.)

► The only thing that should be sexually transmitted is children.

► I would like to leave behind pleasant memories and gentle smiles.

► Each day is a new chance to share one's self with others.

► A mistake completed is a lesson learned, a mistake repeated is a failure earned.

► Taxes are the cold sores of government, always just below the skin and painful every time they show up.

► Be your best and nothing less.

► You can let your gifts rot in the closet, or wear them for all to see and benefit.

► To be moody is to only impart misery to others.

► Touting one’s horn serves no purpose other than being obnoxious.

► When you can take the pain of life and turn it into joy for others, you are then living.


The majority of Great Minds throughout time have been plagued by illnesses with a genetic basis. Should we discard or fix these "defects." Depression plagued the likes of Socrates, Lincoln, "Sherlock Holmes," Poe, Hemingway, Tesla, Rush Limbaugh, Kurt Cobaine, and myself to name a few; Edison had ADD; Martin Luther depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder and possible schizophrenia; Einstein social anxiety disorder and possible depression. Vincent Van Gogh schizophrenia; Helen Keller was blind and deaf. In fact, the majority of successful entrepreneurs likely have a form of bipolar disorder but it is usually mild or controlled. Who among you would say that we should toss out such faulty genetic creations whether it be in the first few days of conception or later. The ability to do something does not necessitate it being done. (Genetic selection is already possible and genetic engineering will soon be possible; who knows what greatness we may be discarding with the disease. In most of these cases it was the disease had a role in their becoming great.)